Saturday, March 24, 2001

I feel like the queen of the "unfinished" Kingdom!

As I sit here at my unfinished puter workstation on vinyl floor ( which should be finished tiling by now), looking at my ungrouted bathroom tile floor in one direction and our unfinshed Arizona room the other, I wonder if our fixxer-upper house will be fixed up by the time we want to buy another one?

DH just asked me if he should start the outside tile tomorrow, START he knows that word, FINISH is the problem word!

I really do love our house, and we have some big plans for it, but damn are we ever gonna get anything finished?

It's not just him it's me too, I did work on Meagan's bed today, but it's guessed it......... not finished! LOL

I'm beginning to wonder if we plan things so that we have stuff to work on, or because we want to get them done?

Not exactly sure where I"m leading with this, but it's been on my mind for a few days now.

BTW SSDD is for same shit different day, several people have asked me about that on ICQ I thought it was a fairly common phrase, maybe that's just me! LOL

Friday, March 23, 2001

Not wanting to expend too much thought and energy whining and bitching ( I figure I've done enough of both lately) let me just sum up today with a very profound expression


'nuff said!

Thursday, March 22, 2001

As if I wasn't having a wonderful night already, my f'ing email won't send! I can recieve but not send! MSN(hotmail) is down too. I have like 5 email accounts and right now I can't send from ANY of them!
I am so happy for my friend Julie, she got great news about her mom today!

{{{Sindy}}} I SO know how you feel! I find myself beyond my emotional control also! While I have no magic cure, know that you aren't alone!

A good example was since I started typing this post, Meagan asked for something, I went to the living room to look for it, and as I look around the living room ( that I just cleaned this afternoon) I see a pop rocks candy wrapper, a tang juice box on it's side leaking all over my phone table and my carpet, a crumbled poptart ( the whole thing not just the crumbs ) on my end table. The trashcan tipped over with it's contents spilled out, toys and books scattered on the floor, 2 more empty candy wrappers and juice box on the floor next to the couch. I FLIPPED OUT! My family acts as if our home was one big trash can where they can just drop thier trash and wait for the cleaning fairy to come clean up after them! Well there aint no damn cleaning fairy, the person who gets stuck with EVERYONE'S trash is mom! She has nothing better to do, and no one else should have any responsibilities but her! I don't care that she's sick, exhausted, etc. I shouldn't be expected to pick up my own trash!

That was pretty much what I just said to my family in a not so quiet and lovely voice! all from walking 5 ft into the living room!
{{{Donna}}} I'm sorry you missed out on the niceweater day today, and even more sorry you're dealing with all this shit!

I'm lovin my hubby's job at the moment, I keep getting all kinds of freebies for my house! He came home with a set of french doors today. The owner changed his mind and ordered new ones so he said to take them if we wanted them, and he did! We've also gotten the tile for my bathroom floor, some marble tiles for my bathroom counter tops and someslate to do a walkway outside, all for FREE! Now that's MY KIND of home improvment shopping! LOL
In a few hours the Mir Space Station will be no more. Countdown begins Space is a big interest in our family. Jerry and the kids glued to The Discovery Chanel wondering if people will be living on Mars in our lifetimes. As the Star Trek byline says "Space: The Final Frontier", it truly is the future and our kids futures.

I was home from work today, thoughts of getting lots of stuff accomplished were fleeting and we just decided to enjoy the day! Kids played outside, I played on the puter and hung out, we painted fingernails and did make-up and ate lots of munchies! Just a fun day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

First off to Donna ummm THANKS for announcing my boo boo to the free world! I'll be happy to return the favor! ROFLMAO

Y, It'll happen and probably happen fast when it does hang in there! I would have to pass on the root beer special though! ICCCKKK!

Happy Birthday to Justin!!{{Julie}} Don'tcha hate to see our babies grow up?

On the homefront here :

The girls are having friends spend the night since it's spring break. They are so cute doing make -up and fingernails etc. Poor Aaron he needs a "Brudder" to play with too! LOL

Today was a pretty good day at work. I was ready to leave early when one of the boys got mad because someone didn't throw the football to him. So he proceded to leave his group, come bang on the door to be let on the unit. I got called over the radio and another female staff and I went to see what was going on. After getting on the unit he's punching plexiglass windows and kicking a door. In trying to talk to him to calm him down, he spit in one of the female nurse's face ( yes we have male nurses too), and replied with "What are you bunch of f***ing females gonna do about it?" Nothing infuriates me more than being told I can't do something b/c I am a female! Much to his suprise the situation was dealt with swiftly and there will be no more questions as to what THIS female will do about something!

It's funny, we have some male staff, BIG male staff that are just amazed at how quickly and powerfully some of the female staff take physical control, when the need arises. As in most situations, being male or female doesn't make the biggest difference, being knowledgeable, and putting into action what you know makes the difference!

IFrom the look of shock on this kid's face he won't be so challenging of female staff JUST because they are females! I hope this is a lesson he will carry through his life with him!

WOOHOO I have the day off tomorrow! I am planning on taking the kids to the park ( all 5 of them in my possession at the moment), and hopefully planting some flowers. I am SO ready for spring!

OOOOPS please ignore the boo boo!
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UGGGH It's 4am and I can't sleep! I'm sick and exhausted but I can't sleep. Aren't you SUPPOSE to sleep when you are sick? What the hell is up with that?

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

DD, sorry your day was so hectic, but I LOVE the descriptiveness of your writing! and I do know what you mean about the frog! ROFL Takes one to know one maybe? LMAO
OK I'm on a junk tossing spree! LOL

I usually try and seperate stuff, garage sale, goodwill etc, not this time, if I haven't used it lately or don't really need it, it's GONE! There are alot of things in our lives that need purging and I'm starting with my house! LOL
Lots of little stuff to blog about tonight....

Kari Awesome look for your blog, it's so YOU, it really is = ) I can't wait to see all your creations there.

Julie, AWWWWWWWWW how sweet, is Johnny willing to give lessons?

Hugs Cat, I hope things get squared away for you soon! WTG N for understanding and trying to help her through it! = )

It's 8:45 and 2 kids are already asleep and Sarah is almost there too WOW!

I came home from work around 11am this morning, I am still feeling like crap I jsut can't seem to kick this! I slept for about 3 hours this afternoon and am doing a little better. I already planned to take Thursday off this week, but am considering calling in for tomorrow and disinfecting my entire house! I think it needs it, with all of us having colds etc. I am pretty sure that my family alone could keep the Clorox wipes company in business! ROFL

For those of you who are sports widows, bowling widows, or anyone whose husband seems to have found an all-time-consuming hobby ( aside from us LOL) I'm sure you'll appreciate this. I am a computer game widow, he has now taken this one step further! As if playing the game, listening to him talk to others about the game, listening to all the annoying sounds from the game weren't enough,check this out: Now he freaking TALKS to the game! so amidst having a conversation with the kids or on the phone, I hear things like "target" , "destroy", "heal" etc just out of the blue! UGGGH! ( Although I do think it's kind of cool to have voice command on the puter, maybe I'll be dictating blogs soon??? ROFL)

Monday, March 19, 2001

More blogging coming..

I wasn't going to blog about this but as I sat here thinking about my online friends, I really felt like I wanted to after all.

Some of my online friends know more about me than my IRL friends, I have more frequent contact with them that's for sure.

Some of my online friends I've known 4+ years now, and still have contact with them.

Some of my online friends became IRL friends. Today I was moving stuff from my old puter desk to the new one, and I found an envelope with pictures in it. These pics brought back a lot of memories! This picture is from Feb 98, it was a 2nd IRL meeting for my kids and I with this family. It's amazing how much these kids have grown! The oldest is my daughter and she'll be 9 in a month, the oldest boy is my friends son and he turned 6 in Feb. We were at thier house for his b-day party at the time!

A lot has happened since then to both our families, but these will always be great memories!
First off some much needed hugs! {{{Julie}}} BTW he ended up not working today! After I got up at 6:30 am to talk to his brother and find out for sure, since he wasn't working he slept til 9am! UGGH

{{{Chris}}} I'm not sure what's happened, but I can sense deperation in your post = (

I know lots of other people have been having problems getting bloggger to cooperate = ( It is great to see so many people blogging though! = )

Nothing major to report here today, I worked a 10 hour day today, and feel like I accomplished nothing. More and more of my job is becoming administrative, and I really miss the kids! = ( I spent 2 hours on the puter making new forms before I even went to work ( so I guess I actually had a 12 hour day) spent several hours in meetings explaining these new forms, more hours on the work schedules and a few hours counseling employees! UGGGH

Got home and the kids and I started painting Meagan's bed. I think the kids got more paint on me than the bed, but they were so proud of themselves. = ) One more coat of white paint in the morning and we will be ready to start the fun part of painting it!

After some interesting ( and lengthy) searches for the perfect color for Sarah's bedroom walls, she found EXACTLY the color she wants. Yep the perfect shade of TAN!LOL As long as she's happy that's what counts!

Sunday, March 18, 2001

How do once fairly responsible people becomme so totally irresponsible?

Yes I'm babbling about my DH again!

Here's a bit of our conversation tonight

Me: Are you working tomorrow?

DH: As far as I know

ME: What time?

DH: How am I suppose to know? 7 probably.

ME: Are you riding with K? or is J coming to get you?

DH: How the hell should I know!

ME: That would probably be good information to have why don't you call and find out.


GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR isn't that a good piece of info to have????

I'm looking for a color wheel for paint, there are a few million paint websites out there and I can't find a damn color wheel! C'mon how hard should that be? If you find one please email me.

Julie, I'm glad you guys had a good "day out", I was thinking of you today! = )
Why do all my projects always get bigger before I finish them?

We got Meagan's bed made. I still haven't finished painting it and have now decided that ALL the furniture in her room needs to be painted ( I hate mismatched stuff, even though pretty much everything we own is mismatched). So now I have a bed, desk, dresser, and TV stand to paint, plus the bookcase that isn't even made yet! LOL

I have such grand plans but never seem to quite get them finished! UGGGGH Isn't there a support group for people like me?
Quarantine Zone

I feel like I should have that sign outside my house!

Right now all 3 kids are sick, plus DH is sick, and I can't seem to kick this either! UGGGH I thought at first it was just allergy related crap, but now I'm not so sure anymore. Doc says it's just viral can't do anything for it. You would think with all the advances in technology someone, somewhere could come up with something after all it's "just a cold". After all they have Viagra, Rogaine, all those miracle "lose weight while you sleep", "speed up your metabolism" etc etc drugs, I just want something simple. Is that too much to ask????