Saturday, March 31, 2001

This looks to be a typical all over the place, stay busy but actually get nothing accomplished!

Meagan had a friend stay the night, we have a B-day party to go to today, another one tomorrow. Some laundry, do some dishes you know the drill. Hopefully there will be something fun or profound to add to my ho-hum exsistence.

Friday, March 30, 2001

Notice I didn't blog about him anymore today, WHY is that? Because he is STILL right behind me, he hasn't gotten up from the puter all damn day!
Everyone better duck I"m about to blow!!!!!!!!!

Remember that overwhelmed feeling I've been talking about? Well it hit hard and heavy yesterday!

It seems I am the only one who can find a sitter when we need one. Although it's kind of difficult when I don't know DH's work schedule changes. Yesterday on my way out the door,"Do we have a sitter today?" No I didn't know we needed one! So I call my mom ( who I'm so thankful lives nearby and has saved my butt more than once). She's not home but I'm pretty sure she will be before he has to leave. I go to work, he calls me to say never mind, he'll just stay home not a big deal, then my mom calls back right after saying sure she'll watch Aaron! UGGGGH frustration is builing and it's only 10 am!

I had a a training to go to in Tucson ( about 70 miles away), as we were walking out the door from work, my hubby calls to say " Did you know today was a 1/2 day? the girls are home from school"My only reply " SHIT " I knew there was a 1/2 day coming up but didn't realize it was this week. The other signifigance of this 1/2 day is that I have parent teacher conferences at 11 and 11:30 that day! ( Remember I'm walking out the door to a training 70 miles away).

I get home from the training to my girls running out to the car telling me I missed thier parent teacher conferences = ( Now hubby who has been home with the kids all day tells me ( as he's leaving to go to class) that I need to get the kids busy and get this house cleaned up! WTF????????????

I ask him about work tomorrow, he tells me yeah he has to work at 6:30 am, 1/2 day at school, no sitter yet. So I called my boss at home and took Friday off. Fast forward to this morning. I wake up at 6:45, hubby is still asleep, I wake him up, he says he doesn't know and to let him sleep!

So now I take today off work, and he isn't going ot work after all. He didn't know if he was working or not! WTF?????? ( That is my saying for today). He gets up around 8 and is bitching about me needing to clean! I do it when I damn well please thank you very much! I've already accomodated your schedule more than once today!

More blogging later, it's really hard to blog about someone when they keep looking over your shoulder!

Thursday, March 29, 2001


Not quite sure why but this morning seems to be a pretty good morning! I fell asleep snuggling with my 4 yr old last night, woke up at 3am and have been up since then. I got some laundry done, some paperwork done and ready to go to work today. Let's just hope this good mood continues! = )

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

First I have to say my hubby was so sweet this morning, he went to get donuts for breakfast and came back with some really pretty flowers for me = ) I love when he does those little things, it's the little things that keep me going sometimes.

Ever had one of those overwhelming days and you just can't seem to keep your mind from racing? ( I hope I'm not the only one)Well today was definately one of those days.

I know I've talked about work some before, and most of this overwhelmed feeling is coming from work. Today we had to do multiple physical controls, those are always exhausting. Plus I had to do disiplanary actions with 14 YES 14 people! Needless to say I'm not the favorite person with most of my employees today! In addition the original task I started this morning never got completed so I had to bring it home to do. Schedules, ugggh I hate schedules, nothing ever goes according to schedules so why do them?

I'm going to stop rambling endlessly now, I'm sure this is of no particular interest to anyone, but just wanted everyone to know why I'm rather withdrawn today!

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

What's in a name? Well let's find out...

As Christine you seek change, travel, new opportunities, and new challenges. Your active, restless nature demands action and you dislike system and monotony. As you are versatile and capable, you could do any job well, although you would not like to do menial tasks. Having considerable vision, you could be adept at formulating new, more effective ways of doing things. You could organize the work of others, though in your impatience to see the job done efficiently, you would likely step right in and do it yourself. You could work well in sales and promotion, and would not be afraid to risk a gamble as the name gives you much self-confidence. You do not find contentment in the routine tasks and responsibilities that are associated with home and family or with administrative detail in the business world, so you have to guard against frustration and even moods of depression over your personal responsibilities. The restlessness this name creates could find an outlet in caustic, irritable expression. Also, the intensity of your nature could result in tension in the solar plexus causing stomach trouble and, because you take your responsibilities seriously you could experience much worry.

Name Dictionary

No blog yesterday....OH the guilt! LOL

I finally reached a point yeterday where I was physically and emotionally drained, there was just nothing left. I had a 12 hour workday yeasterday, went to pick up my kids, had to do the homework & bedtime rituals. So many other things at home I needed to do, but just couldn't convince myself to ge them done.

I don't know if it's a vaction, a night where I sleep more than 4 hours ( I can't remember the last time that happened), or exactly what I need to do to renew my energy, but I have to find something, and find it soon! The weather is gorgeous out, and I haven't really gotten to enjoy any of it. = ( I have tons of painting and decorating projects going on at home, ( which is something I normally LOVE) and even these things don't seem to pick me up. As my "to -do" list increses, my energy level and motivation decreses. ( not a good combo).

I need to just keep going and somewhere in the mother, wife, supervisor, cook, maid, driver, family accountant job descritpion I hope to once again find ME!

Sunday, March 25, 2001

Julie, you are just cracking me up today! Thinking of you hauling the ladder to go get Justin's shoe! LMAO I think I would have just sent a note to school for the custodian! Sorry you didn't have the greatest luck in your wallpapering and light= (

YES we remembered picture day, clothes are all laid out and waiting!
Good Luck Y I hope this is it ( or not, I can't tell from your posts which YOU want it to be) How about "Just make up your mind Baby D!" LOL
Nick The domesticated rock star, SIGN ME UP for the fan club!
{{{Lisa}}}, I'm sorry that something so innocent as trying to put your thoughts together, was thrown in your face like that! For what's it's worth I thought your inital comments were straight forward while attempting to not be spiteful and vindictive, I'm sorry people can't just take things at facevalue for what they are and get on with life!

What I hate even more is that now people ( including myself) feel they can't blog for the sake of blogging, just throwing thoughts out there. While I have no grand illusions of the internet being private, I am not so much bothered by total strangers reading my thoughts as I am those that are or were aquaintances, that would chose to read it just to get something to talk to other aquaintances about. I actually enjoy when people want to talk to me about what I've blogged, at least I know they are interested enough to find out what's going on with me, but to want the info so that they can talk about me? That is the part that's hard to comprehend!
Chris, If you are reading this, STOP GO STUDY!!!! ( Then come back and finish reading! LOL)
"Gentlemen, Start your engines! Those are the words we wait for each Sunday morning for 10 months out of the year. NASCAR Winston Cup racing, it's a weekly occasion in our family, the whole family. Today looks to be a good day, Jerry's favorite driver Mark Martin took the pole for today's race and other favorites aren't far behind. As far as sports in general go we aren't big spectators, ocasionally catching the hilites are good enough for us, but car racing, that's another story! We are diehard fans! We can tell you who drives which car, who thier sponsor is, who is ahead in the points, who was last year's champion, and MORE details than you would probably want to know. Being a NASCAR fan seems to be a part of our personality, so on Sundy you know where I'll be! Gotta go it's almost race time! = )
BIG THANK YOU to Julie! Last Friday I blogged about it being Spring Break and picture day being the first day back and for someone to please remind me. As I figured I had completely forgotten about it! LOL I got the cutest card in email this morning, with a reminder about picture day. SMOOCHES to you Julie!! You just made my day!

Within a wide circle of friends such a variety of things happen and sometimes little things like that are soon forgotten, nothing life changing, no major turmoil, no big decisions needing to be made just everyday life that sometimes tends to slip away from us! It's so nice to have the little things remembered = )