Saturday, April 07, 2001

OK no more whining about me and/or my knee, no more whining about my kids, no more bitching about my hubby ( ok I may not be able to avoid that one)

First off I'm bargaining with my daughter over clothes. THIS is the outfit she wants to wear for Easter. I find it pretty ironic that the same style/color or clothing that my mother MADE me wear, I'm trying to talk my daughter out of wearing! LOL I hated those clothes in the 70's and hate them even more now! LOL Sarah on the other hand SHOULD have been born in the 60's she would be right at home in the late 60's early 70's. I did strike a deal with her though, s have the outfit but just not wear it for Easter. Her B-day is the day after Easter and I'll let her wear it that day!

A friend of mine work and his wife stopped by this afternoon and brought me a get-well cake = ) Thanks Kev!

Then around 4pm my dad showed up with a roast for us for dinner. My parents are so sweet. My mom isn't feeling well and still went out of her way to help me out!

Talked to my bil's girlfriend on the phone tonight and she and her girls are coming over next weekend to dye easter eggs with us, that should be fun!

{{{Cat}}} I totally agree with the "We put the fun in dysfunctional" Let's see if you can figure this one out.

The Bil's girlfriend I just referred to ( Whom I love dearly already and has the sweetest girls) is actually the ex-hubby of my husbands 1/2 sister. Basically being blood related doesn't count in his family if we like you we keep you if we don't, too bad! LOL We decided to disown her and keep him when they got divorced!

OK so I lied about bitching about lazy ass DH!

No one was willing to take me up on the bet, good thing for you since NOPE no grout in my bathroom yet! It's only been 2 months, why would I expect it to be grouted?

I know I post a lot of negative stuff about him, I really do love him but sometimes I just don't understand where he gets off with some of his ASSumptions. He is currently asleep on the couch, he's been home from work since 11am and the only thing he has accomplished in that time is taking out one bag of trash and he only did that when my co-worker called that they were coming over!

Only 4 days since I had knee surgery and both yesterday and today I ended up having tocook, do laundry, do the dishes and generally doing the cleaning ( including vaccumming). I know I"m not a good patient and I'm not resting like I probably should, but I mentioned MANY times prior to my surgery that he was gonna have to pick up the pace and do some of these things. I mentioned again today that I had been overdoing and my knee was really hurting, I even specifically asked that he do the dishes tonight since they are overflowing the sink. What else do I need to do to get my point across?????? I'm frustrated to the point of tears! This seems to be a cycle with him, he does good for awhile, then slowly slips, then NOTHING, well right now is a bad time for him to be thinking this is the Hilton!

Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day! NITEY NIGHT!
And the hits just keep on coming.................

Grumpy Hubby is home from work early!

Think I'll get my bathroom grouted today??? Think he'll help with laundry or straightening up the house? Wanna make a bet on that ??? ( I could use the money)
Having a really BLAH day today. I see so much I need to do around the house, but after doing some yesterday I've been living on pain pills the last 16 hours, I don't want to go there again.

The kids are whiney, I'm whiney, and Jerry is working ( I'm sure he'll be whiney when he gets home). UGGGH This is going ot be some weekend! = (

This will probably be all I post today, I hate being a whiner ( even though I've had lots of practice and a getting good at it) so I'll probably just set back and wait for others to post today. In case anyone is wondering why I' m so quiet.

I'm still holding out hope the good mood fairy will find us! I'll let you know if she shows up!

Friday, April 06, 2001

I feel so bad for Aaron , he hates being the youngest and not in school yet. The girls are gone all day and he doesn't have anyone to play with. We had a playdate set up for today and he was SO excited, he spent over an hour at the front window this morning waiting, turns out his friend was sick. = ( He keep telling me it isn't fair no one has "brudders" for him! I would love to take him to the park or other fun place but I'm kinda stranded too!

For as disappointed as he is he's behaved pretty well, hmmmmmmm wonder what I can come up with for him?? Any ideas email me
Did I mention having surgery SUCKS???????

Day 2 ~ Still bored, bored AND in pain not a good combo.

Despite all warnings I overdid yesterday and am paying the price!

I said it before I am a TERRIBLE patient!

Not really anything blogworthy to post so back to the land of boredom for me!

Thursday, April 05, 2001

DAMN my blog disappeared! Let me try again!

Susan that test is one of the better ones I've seen! Thanks for sharing = )

Hey, Christine, you're a Shark!

You've got a robust love of life and a killer instinct. Your mantra: Work hard, play hard. You own a garage-full of sports gear. You talk on your cell phone in restaurants, and laugh too loud. Wherever you go, everyone thinks you're important. You own stock in everything. You wear Prada to the gym and drink designer water. Dull parties make you weep. You hate rules, and don't plan on getting old.

You think you may be a genius. You tell a great joke. You're extroverted and love being in the spotlight. People admire your good looks and personality, and they're jealous of your wardrobe. You're flexible and friendly, and on the rare chance that you're feeling down, you can always cheer yourself up with a new pair of shoes.

You should run for president (if only you didn't have that criminal record ...). You've got enough charisma and style to move mountains. And you're a great self-starter and a lethal flirt. You're innovative and smart, and people respect you. Except when you don't get your way and you lose your temper — then everyone just thinks you're a brat.

I post at a few different sites, one of them is BHG. It just amazes me the things some people post about. People asking questions about how to hide thier bong collection from thier parents, and how to get "organic stains" out of thier clothing ( thier boyfriend got a little too excited in the car and now she has a stain on her mini skirt!) WTH???? While I agree there should be some kind of restriction of "adult " material from kids there should also be some protection for adults from stupid kids/teenagers!
I just got a get well soon ecard from someone at work! = ) Thanks Les! You crack me up!
Just in case this is a news flash to anyone, "Having surgery SUCKS"! OK having said that I'll move on!

Day 1 and I'm freaking dieing of bordedom! I've napped and hung out online, looked at some decorating mags THAT'S IT! I don't freaking know what to do with myself! There's plenty of housework ( Jerry has been doing just enough for to not be able to yell at him, but just little enough that when I CAN do I'll be playing catch up for 3 freaking weeks!) plwnty of projects I would love to be working on and it's driving me NUTS! I have resisted the urge to call work and find out what's going on, tha's a suprise! I'm thinking I will go in for a meeting tomorrow though ( It's PAYDAY)

Wednesday, April 04, 2001

It's 3:30 am, I've been up for over an hour = ( I'ts just the meds I'm sure!

I want to say thanks for all the hugs and quick recovery vibes from everyone on the message boards, ICQ, and people's blogs. I did have to laugh though that Lisa even helped me spell anesthesiologist ( yes I did haveto copy and paste that, it is 3:30 in the morning after all! LOL)

Has anyone been able to guess that I'm not a good patient? Just lay down and rest at least the next 72 hours??? I haven't even hit 12 yet and it's killing me!

Tuesday, April 03, 2001

Sorry for the typos but I'm not correcting them tonight! If you can't understand what I'm trying to say, wait and I'll edit tomorrow!
Are doctors and hospitals required to take classes in "hurry up and wait"?

My surgery was scheduled for 2:15 and I needed to be at the hospital at 12:45. Hospital called at 11:00 nad said they had a cancelation and they needed me to come in NOW. I got there around 11:30, got all checked in and back to the outpatient area at noon. Get back in the pre-op area, in a gown only to find out the surgery didn't get cancelled after all so I'm back to the 2:15 time slot only now they are running 30 minutes behind schedule! UGGGH

Probably a good thhing since it took 40 minutes, a nurse and finally the anasteisiologist ( HTH do you spell that!?????) and 4 tries to get the IV in. The veins were too small and kept blowing! UGGH Now I look like a freaking junkie with bruises o nteh inside of both wrists , the top of one hand and the side of one wrist! Other than tat the sugery seemed to be uneventful ( of course I was knocked out so what do I know??) Jerry said surgery lasted 2 hours instead of te 45 minutes that was planned, not sure why though.

Got drugged up, discharged and home, Jerry went and got my script filled and some dinner ( hadn't eaten for almost 24 hours) Because of the drugs I've got that lightheaded and crawling skin feeling. Not enough to knock me out and let me sleep but enough to really mess my system up! NEVER eat chili cheese dogs after surgery! BLECH!!!!!

Hopefully this blog is legible and makes at least a little sense!

Jerry is being the good little Cabana boy tonight = ) He has to leave for work at 5am tomorrow so I"ll be home by myself all day tomorrow, hadn't figured out if that'll be good or bad, I'll let you know!

Monday, April 02, 2001

Thanks to everyone for the hugs, it's a very emtional topic here, and once I get started thinking about it I jut can't stop!

Today has been a major PITA kinda day. I kind of expected it since I know I'm gonna be outta commision for awhile. I'm not a total control freak but really hate having things undone. ( Yeah I know the queen of the unfinished projects LOL) I feel like I'm leaving so many thing undone it'll drive me crazy! I got a lot of comments today at work, about how I need to take back over my original unit because they know I will "fix it" to all the problems we're having. I have no grand delusions that my mere presence makes a difference but I think the fact that they knw I'm dedicated to making things be the best that they can be makes a difference. Even when I can't "fix it" the staff know I'll do my damndest to try!

Those comments made me feel good and yet guilty at the same time. I swear I must be strange I'm feeling guilty for missing work to have surgery for an injury I sustained at work! ROFL

One last thing to blog about work then I'm done rambling ( about work anyway). While I truly love my job, even with it's perils this job is not for everyone! As a matter of fact this job is not for most people! How many people take getting get beat up as "just another day at the office" not too many! Well I have a staff right now that this job is just not for her! She realizes this and has told me this, but she refuses to quit! I think she's waiting to get fired so she can file for unemployment, you know the type that thinks the world owes them something for thier mere presence here???!!!?? Right now I can't fire her, yet she is making life a living hell for the people she works with! UGGGH it's so frustrating! OK I'm done with work.

Right now the other aspects of my life areeven less in order than work is! The house is a wreck, the kid are...well kids! LOL CAn you tell I'm not looking forward to having knee surgery. It drives me crazy just to lay around the house when I can think of 50 million and 1 things I should be doing!

Expect LOTS of blogging while I'm home recouperating! LOL
I FINALLY got ahold of the hospital it looks like I am having knee surgery tomorrow, 2:15, I have to be there by 12:45. Now the panic over what I haven't taken care of yet begins!
Ever notice how completely different your children are? I usually notice how they do the same things at the same stages of life. How something they are doing reminds me of something thier siblings did when they were younger. This past week was Parent-teacher conferences ( even thought I missed the original schedule - see previous blog).

Nothing has shown me how different the girls personaltities are as much as the meetings with thier teacher.

Meagan got the "she's very independent, I wish I had a classroom full of Meagans" comments. and I love to hear good things about my kids. Always helps others, very positive etc

Sarah's comments were much different. Some of you know I had a heart wrenching beginning of school year stuff going on with her. Diagnosing her with ADD ( no hyper activity component just true attention deficet), wondering about depression ( which I still wonder about) my child, my baby, had no friends, "failing" at her schoolwork, and had no motivation to change any of it! She would rather stay in at recess than go outside with no one to play with, she was actually happy to stay inside. I vividly remember sitting with the school nurse and counselor and just crying over it! I was helpless in helping her.

Things improved a little, we set up some rewards system stuff and also some structured parent/child/teacher communication. These things seemed to help some.

Now, although she got 3's and 4's ( satisfactory and above) in every subject, her social skill and her attention to task were still 2's. The one thing the teacher did say that brought a big smile to my face was that Sarah now has 2 friends! That is something she had never mentioned until this past week! This comment made me both smile and cry, smile because she has some friends to play with, and comments from her teacher about how cute and happy they are playing together. Cry because it is 8 months into the school year before she had any! ( This is the same school/classmates as last year)

I've been doing alot of thinking about how to parent 2 such totally different children! Now I have #3 starting school next year, and wondering which direction he will go, and how ( if at all) I can influence that!

Sunday, April 01, 2001

Nope nothing profound to report! = (