Saturday, April 14, 2001

THANK YOU to everyone tat is taking Staney on a vaction, once I get everything togeter I'll blog about all his adventures! = )

Today should be national egg day or something, we are dyeing 6 doz eggs! With my 3 kids plus 2 "cousins" here, we have 3 egg hunts tomorrow plus 2 large gatherings to make deviled eggs for.

My oldest baby girl is turning 9 on Monday! AACCK in a lot of ways she is really growing up, and I'm so proud of her! I can tell she is gonna be a "worrier" though = ( She already asked if cost more to have a slumber party or a regular party, because that's important to know! LOL I told her they cost the same so she could do either she wanted! She also requested "real" make up for her birthday. My first comment was "you are NOT wearing it to school", and she's ok with that, so she is getting powder, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick, some makeup remover toweletes, and a leopard print make up bag.

Friday, April 13, 2001

UGGGH I can't get into my favorite message boards tonight! The site is fine, others are there, but it won't let me in! = (
Special thanks to Donna, for taking Stanley on such a fun trip around Austin! He says he loved it! = )

{{Sandie}} I can't imagine being that close to the rioting. I agree with you too about respect being a key issue, for each other, for the laws, and those that enforce them!
SPRING CLEANING FEVER has hit! I've been on a cleaning rampage today, 8 large trash bags so far and still going! Piles for yard sale, give away to friends that have small kids, and mostly TRASH! It's outta here!

Sarah has a project from school I'm hoping some of my internet friends can help me with. She was suppose to mail out a little drawing she made of "Flat Stanley" ( What kind of name is that???) Anyway the object was for Stanley to visit people and have them send him home with a letter about the places he visited. Well Stanley got "lost" in Sarah's backpack so he didn't get mailed. Can anyone send me an email or letter telling her class about Stanley's "visit" to them? Basic stuff like where he went, anything interesting to do or see in your area, a souviner or postcard would be wonderful! If you can help us out please email me. T I A !

Thursday, April 12, 2001

It's a beautiful day in the nieghborhood, a beautiful day for a nieghbor, won't you be mine, won't you be mine, won't you be, please won't you be MY NEIGHBOR!"

Today you probably would like to be my nieghbor, it's was just under 80 here today and looking at our weather it's only going to get better for the weekend.

Although I know i'll still have to face all the same crap tomorrow, for tonight anyway I'm on cloud 9! Kids just came in from playing outside ( at 7pm) I have the windows open still, and candles buring in the house. Got my tunes cranked ( except for when survivor is on LOL) Got some wine coolers chillin in the frig! This is MY night!

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

I'm sitting here asking myself WHY did I publish all that, and I don't really have an answer for that. I'm not looking for hugs or sympathy, was trying ( although not very well) to NOT throw myself a pity party,but I guess I did it after all!

I think I'm gonna take a blogger break for awhile, I think I need it!
So much for going to bed early!

Actually I did go to bed early and not 5 minutes later DH came to bed, and just HAD to make a snide little smart-ass comment, I couldn't deal with it and got back up!

I'd crawl in a hole if I could find one, but in the mess we call a house, I can't even find a hole much less anything else! Does anyone else care? oh yeah they do just enough to complain, not to do anything about it though. Somehow since I've been home for a week since my surgery the place is suddenly a wreck and as I look around how much of it is mine??? Let's see I have one cup on my desk ( currently drinking out of it), a stack of magazines next to the couch ( stacked up), a plastic bucket of the paint stuff I've been using in Meagan's room, and a I see a few papers on the table, so how is it that "I" have made such a mess of things??? Maybe b/c I'm not running laps to clean up everyone else's mess?

My counterpart from work called today to ask a question and my boss told me she missed me. You know what? I miss work! I don't miss being gone from my kids, its been wonderful to be here when they get home from school, not show up when they need to be going to sleep. I don't miss working 50 + hours but only getting paid for 40 ( being on salary SUCKS!) I miss being appreciated! I miss being missed! When DH has been gone for a weekend or the kids have stayed overnight somewhere else, they don't tell me they miss me! I have NEVER been away from home overnight without DH and or the kids! So I have no idea
if I'd be missed, and if I was if I'd be told that! I don't wanna go back to work to work ( I'm not that much of an work a holic) I wanna go back to being appreciated, I wanna go back to people who thank me for taking care of things.

I have decided I need to make some changes for ME!

One place to start is some time for me away from the house! Nora I'll be happy to cyber walk with you with I get the Dr's ok. I need to develop some better coping skills, maybe getting some fresh air will help! Hiding from my family or sitting at the puter in tears while I tell my tales of woe aren't doing anyone any good!

I'm seriously considering starting a side job painting and selling furniture, I have REALLY enjoyed it the past few weeks, I get to see some of the more creative side of me! Even if I only make enough $$$ to buy the paint and flea market finds furniture, it's cheaper than therapy! Maybe even make enough to hire someone to clean my house once a week so I can paint more and worry less!

Diet is probably the next on the list but I'm only going to tackle one at a time, that one can come later! Hopefully somewhere in there comes more than 4 hours sleep a night!

Blogging defiantely won't be on my therapuetic list typing all this out has only made me feel worse! Not sure if I'll hit post or not, we'll see what I decide in a few minutes!
Ever felt like the sky is falling? I do right now. I KNOW it's not but it 's hard to control feeling that way!

Money probs ~ like who doesn't???

House is a pit!

I've got cabin fever BADLY!

Lots of things that need done and no motivation whatsoever to do them.

Attitude from both DH and I ( mainly for the above stated reasons)

Just feels like a Murphy's law kind of a day!

While I KNOW lots of good things as well.

We're a family! we live, laugh and love together!

We're all healthy ( well except for my knee)

We do have lots of good stuff going for us right now, so WTH do I feel so weigted down by the bad???

I think I'm gonna go to bed early and wake up tomorrow with a new attitude ( hopefully a much better one!)

Monday, April 09, 2001

SHHHHHHHHHHHHH don't tell anyone!

I don't know if it was the meds keeping me from sleeping or what, but I decided I just HAD to start painting Meagan's desk tonight ( I would have started on the dresser too, but it's still in Sarah's room and both girls are sleeping in there). I decided to clean it off first, well some of the stains wouldn't come off, so I painted it! LOL In her room cuz I sure as hell can't move it! Yes over her carpet I painted it! (I did most of it while sitting down so I don't get yelled at too much!) anyway it's drying and then I'll be ready to do the fun part.

I wonder how much a mess it would be if I sanded down the fake wood grain cheapie particle board TV stand?? nah not tonight anyway! ( Unless I still can't sleep! )

Remember this is our little secret, cuz my friends at eP are trying to look out for me and make me take it easy!

Kinda ironic isn't it, I'm bitching about having to do stuff that DH won't do, but yet I'm sneaking off after everyone's alseep and doing other stuff, hhmmmmmmmmm makes ya think!

Sunday, April 08, 2001

UGGGH My stiches itch! Sorry I just had to post that somewhere! LOL

Let's try that pic again!

Well that was the end of "Mr Helpful"'s efforts today! = ( At least it was nice while it lasted!

I got Meagan's bed finished painted today posted by chrisc at

GRRRRRRRRRR one thing I hate is people that talk down to other people!

I go to a couple of home renovating and decorating sites, there is one person there, that really talks to down to people. She knows it ALL ( according to her anyway) I've seen pics she's posted and am fairly unimpressed!
{{{Brady, Chris and Mike}}} It's hard to lose ANY loved one pet or human!

How fun about the boys and girls nights out Darla. WTG Brody on the pillow project, I don't even think I could do that!

Bummer about the car but WOO HOO to Roger doing it himself. Just remember Lisa It's gonna take awhile to switch to SAHM mode, give yourself some time!

Some good news here, DH got up this morning and did the dishes ( I didn't last night, I had overdone already and the pain meds were getting to me) cleaned the kitchen and got Aaron dressed, I'm hoping this is a trend that will continue today.

Well it's Sunday morning, RACE DAY! I love Sundays no wondering what were gonna do, everything just seems to stop at race time. = )