Saturday, May 05, 2001

To show just how small and cute these little guys are, that is a cassette case next to the 4 of them.

At least 2 of them have been eating some lettuce tonight too, so far those are really good signs! = )
We have new additions to our family this morning

Not sure if they will make it, or if so will they be ok living inside, but we're gonna try it! Wish us luck!
Yep I'm posting REALLY late! We JUST got home from seeing "The Mummy Returns". We were planning on going to the late show ( just not this late) it was suppose to start at 10. All the shows for tonight sold out ( we bought tickets online, luckily) Got there and the line just to get into the theater ( after buying your tickets) was uge. I saw someone from work at the front of the line so you guessed I opped right up there! LOL

About 9:30 the fire alarm went off, it took them forever to shut it off, in the meantime the theaters from early shows had emptied, because of the fire alarm) they finally got it shut off, and everyone back in the theater for the 15 minutes left in the movie. The fire alarm went off again and they ended up having to give raincecks to everyone from te first movie, b/c the firealarm had shut off the power to the individual teaters. Needless to say we've now been standing in line 1 1/2 hours, my friend from work had been there over 2 1/2. She gave up and got refund. After checking with te movie manager several times, te movie finally started at 11:35!

Good movie, but not sure it was worth all that!!!!

During the previews we saw the attractions for Jurrasic Park 3 wich looked pretty good, but even as the preview was playing DH announced that we sure as hell wouldn't be standing in line there to see it. He, of course said it loud enough for everyone to hear and 1/2 hte theater cracked up laughing! LOL

It was annoying, but the wole time I just kept thinking "This fits right in with the rest of my week!" LMAO

Tuesday, May 01, 2001

Donna I wouldn't exactly call that "staying home" but gald you do enjoy it, even when it's so hectic!
First day back to work today, went ok, not great! I'm tired but I'm sure I'll adjust! LOL

Monday, April 30, 2001

Had my doctor's appointment this morning, and left feeling even more confused about my progress than when I went in!

I am returning to work tomorrow on "light duty/desk work", yeah we'll see how well that goes ! I am pretty sure he did that simply because of this being a workman's comp claim!

As for the actual progress of my knee ~ NONE to negative! It's more swollen tan it was at my last visit, and it's hurting more than it was at my last visit but my activity level has no increased all that much! For the swelling he is doubling the anti-inflamatory med for the next month, then if it isn't better he's going to have to drain the excess fluid off ( OUCH ). If the pain persists then we'll talk about "other options" although he refused to give me much info as to what that would be at today's visit.

Still no PT! UGGGH I really think that would help, but he's not budging on that one so it seems!

I don't know if it's emtional stress, showing or knee pain, or what, EVERYONE I talked to today asked if I was ok, said I didn't look good, and asked What was wrong. I didn't even know what to tell them!

Sunday, April 29, 2001

WOW Sindy you guys did get a lot done today. ROFL about DH picking LOW priority items to work on, Jerry does the same! The kitchen is a wreck, we're having company in 30 minutes and he's taking the can opener apart to clean it! UGGHH

Good luck on the house, YEAH about the 1/2 bath being finished!

Don't think you are wierd at all StephI think that is so cool! I always want to know the stories behind stuff like that! Speaking of which tonight is a new episode of "Fear" on MTV we love that show!

I'm so excited about this!!

Now about ME ( it is all about me after all LOL) I have a doc appt for my knee in the morning. I'm NOT looking forward to it. My leg ( not just knee) is very swollen again, and when I am getting up and down it feels like the joint is popping or grinding which was the problem before the surgery. Not to mention hurting a lot. I really expected to be seeing significant progress by now! At my last visit he said we'd know in about a month ( 2 weeks from now) if the surgery did any good, I didn't like that option. My visit tomorrow is to eval me to return to work, I'm not so sure that's a good idea. It's crazy between having cabin fever and feeling guilty about not being at work, another part of me is scared that I'm going to see long term problems ( esp if I overdo now) and I don't like that either. There are so many things with the kids and around the house that I just can't do because my knee, it has really had me down lately. So send me some good vibes in the morning if you don't mind!

You've heard the saying "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"? LOL Well it's TRUE! Remember my wishing Sarah would have some friends and hoping that would help her in other areas as well? Well this morning while they were at church kids from up the street stopped by 5 different times ( they were only gone 2 hours !) It is great to see though. There are 2 girls and about 4 boys from our nieghborhood that are here everyday asking if Sarah and/or Meagan can come play! I love living in a nieghbothood with other families ( most of the time ).

I have come to realize I'm considered the "mean mom" though, the kids can't go in someone else's house unless I know who and where, they have to be in at dark, I don't let them go to the store or park w/o an adult, and they to have chores done first. When I say these things the other kids look at me like I have a 3rd eye or something! hahaha
I've been doing some graphics for other people's blogs ( and having fun at it). Nick the future cabana boy, Cat, and Tig you are welcome, I'm glad you like them! = )
I'M ALONE!!!!!!

I'm alone in the house for the next 2 hours! WOO HOO

Jerry's at work, and thhe kids just left with my parents! Time to crank up some tunes, eat some junk food, and have me time!!!!
We've been talking about doing a Vegas IRL for some time now. I talked with DH about it too, no problem, then last night out of the blue he asks me "So what are you gonna do with the kids when you go to Vegas?" ME??? I'm not doing anything with the kids they are staying home with YOU! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR He expects for me to make arrangements so he doesn't have to take care of is own kids while I'm gone! I told im I'll make sure he as a sitter if he as to work, but that's it! then all theh objections started coming. HE doesn't know any of these people etc etc, Most if not all of the people going I have met before, and he had the option of going with me and chose not too! Thank God he went to work this morning don't think I could have dealt with that conversation again this morning!
Sandy You better get Christie's room done, I'm waiting for pictures!!! That said I better get to work on Meagan's furniture huh? LOL