Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Well I found Houdini bunny today, I guess I should say he ( or rather his smell) found me. He didn't make it :-( , he was hiding in one of Aaron's shoes by the front door.

Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Ever had one of those days where you wonder, if you fell off the face of the earath if anyone would even notice? I'ts been on of those days here today, at home, at work, online. I'm really hoping this is just PMS beating me up, though I'm not too sure how much more beatings I can take!

Monday, May 07, 2001

So how about a rousing game of "If I were a baby bunny, where would I go?" Anyone interested?
We're having an all out bunny hunt today!

Here's the deal, the bunny was on death's door yesterday, I moved them to a smaller box with a towel in the bottom and a towel tucked in over them to keep them warm. The box was in my puter chair! It got out of the box, off the chair and is not under or around my desk anywhere! This could become interesting. We only slept from midnight to 5am so wherever it went it went in that time! I know tey are fast, but this sucker is little!
Intesting news on the bunny front this morning. One didn't make it, which I kinda expected. The other is doing pretty good, good enough to get out of the box I had them in. Now I don't know where it is!!!!!! Luckily I made sure the cats were out last night, and will stay out! I've been looking for it for about an hour already with no luck at all, he's so little he could be anywhere!

Sunday, May 06, 2001

Things aren't looking good for the other ones either = (

They haven't moved around much at all today. I did get them to take some goat's milk, but one is having trouble just not falling over. If they make it through the night it'll be a miracle.
"Letting Nature run it's course" "The great circle of life" etc etc I understand the pilosophy but still think they SUCK!

A 2nd bunny looked to be dead, when I went to pick it up it moved slightly. I tried feeding it with the syringe again, still it laid on it's side with it's legs stretched out barely breathing. After about 30 minutes of watching it slowly die I just couldn't take it anymore. No creature should have to suffer like that. Shaking, crying and almost throwing up, I went ahead and ended it's misery. Do I feel better about it now, NO, I'm still crying and shaking. Do I know it was for the best, yeah I do know that, Do I feel it NO!

Now I'm questioning myself did I do or not do something? I don't think that's the case, but I can't help feeling it! IT sucks when you can't convince your heart of what your head knows!
WEll one of te bunnies didn't make it through the night. Not sure why, but just hope the others do better today.
Queen Chris Glad the royal B-day party went well, LOL on the mosh pit in the living room!
Happy Birthday Brady!!